World economic news for 16 August 2022/16 August 22

Not all countries of the European Union agree with the possible introduction of a ban on the issuance of tourist Schengen visas for Russians. This was stated by Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anushauskas in an interview with LRT radio.

Anushauskas recalled that Lithuania, for its part, has restricted the issuance of visas for Russians, but "it is probably impossible to wait for a general agreement." He doubted that all EU states would successfully support such a policy, but, in his opinion, "it is not worth giving up."

The head of the Ministry of Defense of the Baltic Republic said that tourists who agree with the actions of the Russian authorities today are traveling from Russia to Europe. "They are not emigrants, they are not political refugees. They come back and go about their business again. This is a smaller part of the Russian population, but they are also the backbone of the regime," Anushauskas added.

Earlier it became known that the Finnish authorities decided to reduce the number of visas issued to Russians tenfold from September 1. Then it was noted that Finland supports the suspension of the visa agreement between the EU and Russia.

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